T Eagle IR FFP 3-30x55 SFIRGL Scope Front Lighting Reticle (FLR)

T Eagle IR FFP 3-30x55 SFIRGL Scope Front Lighting Reticle (FLR)
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T Eagle IR FFP 3-30x55 SFIRGL Scope Front Lighting Reticle (FLR)

True magnification: The product shows the true rate, no exaggeration times, circumstances, or even several times. 
Visually test the object closer to how many times you can identify.
True Diameter: Objective lens diameter is real, this is not to rely on propaganda ruler will know, the unit is mm.
The true field of view: The product field is true, generally depending on the viewing angle and field lines, to research, with trigonometric functions that can be verified.
True Material: Propaganda material is real, high-quality materials inside and outside use of the product, there is no feedback and doped materials harmful impurities. 
Smell and texture with basic observation can tell, slightly superior product comparison more obvious.
True System: Seemingly identical specifications, a system far, some manufacturers at the expense of the resolution of the product, to really get the same specifications of the system
True function: The function of the product is real, we do not make false propaganda, like the water, close to other functions are real sense, a lot of these features do not exist to promote its products are available, you can read the science to understand. 

Magnifications Value: 3-30x
Objective Diameter: 55mm
Ocular Lens Diameter: 37mm
Tube Diameter: 35mm
Product Length: 379mm
Field Of 100YDS: 31.5 - 3.15mm
Field Of 100m: 10.5 - 1.05
F.O.V.ar: 6 degrees - 0.6 degrees
Exit Pupi: 14.5 - 1.86mm
Focuss Rar: 20
Coating: Broadband Green Film
Numer Of: 14
Mount Ler: 171mm
Focusing Method: Side Focus
Parallax: 0.125
Eye Relie: 4.7 - 3.8 Inch
Type Of Reticle: Front Lighting Reticle
Pipe Diameter: 35mm
Ocular Cell Diameter: 1.77 Inch 
Surface Color: Black
Eye Guard: Yes
Diopter Compensation: -3+2
Height Adjustment Range: 80 Inch
Horizontal Adjustment Range Of Motion: 50 Inch
Battery Model: CR2032 (Not Included)
MOA/Click: 0.125MOA
Shockproof: 800g at 1000 Cycles
Structure: One Tube
Length: 382mm

Package Includes:
1 x T Eagle IR FFP 3-30x55 SFIRGL Scope Front Lighting Reticle (FLR)
1 x Medium and Large Side Wheel
2 x Flip Up Caps 
1 x Sunshade
With Standard Accessories

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